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Featured Projects

Zaxby's Resturant New Construction, Colony, Tx

Concrete, Foundation, Metal Framing, Exterior Brickwork, Interior

Sea Aisle Community Peir Reconstruction, Galveston, Tx.

EUC removed the old peir that was damaged by a hurricane. Constructed new peir from Threated Wood and Paling 6 ft above ocean level. All stainless steel bolts and screws. Installed security gate. Electricity and lights

Restaurant Complete Interior Build Out, El Paso, Tx.

3700sf. EUC layed a 14 ton foundation, installed electric and air conditioning. This projected also required drywall, contrete staining, and paint.

Multifamily Vacation Condos, New Construction. Galvestion, Tx.

110,000 sf, 4 Story multifamily vacation condos. This project required wood framing, roofing, door and window installation

Multifamily Complex Remodel, Dallas, Tx.

Roofs 1500 big square. Removed and replaced 140 air condition units. Installed underground main fitter 500 IF electricity.

Scrubs and Beyond Commercial complete finish out, Dallas, Tx.

This project included Framing, Flooring installation, Wall construction, singles, Electricity, Plumbing, Trim, Carpeting, Exterior sign installation

Sudivision Retaining Wall, Galveston, Tx.

This project was a new construction: Concrete, CMU. 250LF,10ft High.

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